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Weakness in the connective tissue, poor nutrition and a lack of exercise can cause toxic waste deposits to build up, particularly in the arms and legs. Although initially a cosmetic problem (cellulite), this condition is also a sign of lymphatic stagnation and blocked excretion processes. Combining ZELLULISAN ointment with PEKANA excretion remedies, especially ITIRES drops or MUNDIPUR drops, corrects this build up and allows proper excretion of toxins.

In addition, this ointment is highly effective in treating acute and chronic tendonitis.

Ingredients/ Therapeutic Profiles:

Arnica montana 3X microcirculation

Ledum 3X uric deposits

Rhus toxicodendron 6X stagnation of fluids

Sulfur 15X connective tissue deposits

Aesculus hippocastanum 1X venous blockages

Betula alba 1X excretion, diuretic

Hedera helix 1X rheumatic conditions, provides iodine

Melilotus officinalis 1X venous stases

Zellulisan Cream 100g

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