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SPECI-CHOL drops are indicated for treatment of functional disturbances of the pancreas, including reduced secretion of digestive enzymes and insufficient production of the hormones insulin and glucagon.

To resolve pancreatic conditions and eliminate symptoms of insufficiency, it also is vital to treat the liver, gallbladder and stomach with a comprehensive therapy since a close functional link exists between these organs.

Ingredients/Therapeutic Profiles:

Chionanthus virginica 3X liver and pancreatic disturbances

Eichhornia crassipes 2X improves pancreatic secretion

Hedera helix 6X biliary conditions

Iberis amara 3X pressure, fullness, cramps

Iris 3X functional cardiac disturbances

Nux moschata 4X gastrocardiac symptoms

Phosphorus 10X yellow liver atrophy, pancreatopathy

Glechoma hederacea 1X portal stasis, excretion of toxins

Speci-Chol 50mL

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