RENELIX drops support the excretion of concrement (precipitated minerals) and toxins deposited in the kidney cells, and helps restore normal kidney function. RENELIX drops also help counteract intoxification through aging or illnesses that weaken metabolic processes, which can result in hypertonia (abnormally increased muscle tone), diabetes or precancerous conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism. Finally, this remedy helps regulate toxic blockades in chronically ill patients, which allows systemic healing to take place.


Ingredients/ Therapeutic Profiles:

Benzoicum acidum 4X uric acid diathesis

Nitricum acidum 4X urinary tract infections

Apis mellifica 4X edema, joint infections

Berberis vulgaris 3X uric acid excretion

Colchicum autumnale 4X gout, kidney excretion

Thlaspi bursa-pastoris 1X metabolic insufficiency, kidney stones

Coccus cacti 1X stimulates and disinfects kidneys

Solidago virgaurea 1X renal function, sedimented urine

Renelix 50mL


    PLEASE NOTE: Products purchased from this site have not been prescribed by a naturopathic doctor; purchasing a product from a dispensary of a naturopathic doctor does not constitute nor substitute naturopathic medical care.

    The Price of Freedom is Responsibility

    Most orthodox medical institutions in the world frown upon self health care and the use of herbs, natural foods and other natural healing modalities for the re-establishment and maintenance of health. However, it should be every individual's inherent right to freely choose for themselves whatever type and source of health care he or she deems appropriate. It must be emphasized, however, that practicing such medical freedom not only requires the responsibility of acquiring valid health information and skills, but also the wisdom to recognize when professional health care is needed, and to choose that health care with discretion.
    -- my thanks to Ed Smith, whose wording could not be improved.


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