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Palma Christi GOLD

The therapeutic uses of castor oil or "Palma Christi" have been known for thousands of years. Its use can be traced back to ancient Egypt, where Cleopatra is said to have used it in the form of drops to give her eyes a more brilliant countenance.

This oil is used in a number of contemporary cosmetic products by virtue of its softening, protective, emollient and regenerating activity on skin and nails. Castor oil is also very rich in natural vitamin E, making it an excellent ally in fighting the signs of skin aging.

These and other surprising therapeutic properties were discovered in the early 20th century owing to the work of Edgar Cayce.

Apply castor oil in massages, as a hot pack or in synergy with essential oils.


This version is the ORGANIC version of the oil. 

Palmachristi Castor Oil GOLD Organic 240mL

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