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Lavender/Quartz Ear Oil is an anthroposophical remedy intended to help treat the pain of an ear infection as well as to stimulate the healing forces required for its successful resolution.

Instill 1-2 drops of Lavender/Quartz Ear Oil in affected ear 1-3x/day or up to every 2 hours. Best if oil is warmed to body temperature prior to application.


Aconitum e tub. 30 X

Atropa bell. e rad. 30 X

Rhus tox. e fol. 30 X

Quartz 30X

Hypericum ex herba 5%

Vitamin E 1.5%

Levisticum e rad. 1%

Camphor 1%

Lavender oil 1%

Verbascum e fol. 1%

Garlic 1 %

Silica 1%

Other Ingredients: organic olive oil.

Lavender Quartz Ear Oil

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