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Co-HYPERT drops help reduce and control high blood pressure, particularly in cases where no easily recognizable cause can be diagnosed. In addition, this remedy helps relieve hypertension related to elasticity problems, psychosomatic processes and organ (renal) insufficiency, and can help prevent conditions that may lead to an infarct.

Ingredients/ Therapeutic Profiles: 

Aurum chloratum 6X treats hypertension, angina pectoris, hepatic insufficiency
Barium carbonicum 8X prevents conduction disruption
Cocculus 4X for strained nerves, dizziness
Iberis amara 4X calms a racing heart
Magnesium chloratum 6X treats dyspepsia, intestinal diseases, fear
Sumbulus moschatus 6X calms an agitated heart
Melilotus officinalis 1X prevents thrombosis
Viscum album 1X treats angina pectoris, circulatory disturbances

co-HYPERT 50mL

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