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Circulatory disturbances can cause a wide variety of symptoms that range from numbness, cramps and tingling sensations to gangrenous processes.

Clauparest drops help eliminate these underlying circulatory disruptions, whether caused by injuries, metabolic anomalies or cramps triggered by psychological or somatic reasons. As a result, this medication allows the body to restore its self-regulation capabilities and function properly again.

Ingredients/ Therapeutic Profiles: 

Aranea diadema 9X neuralgia, paraesthesia, icy feeling
Arnica montana 4X vascular congestion
Cuprum aceticum 4X vascular and organ cramps
Mandragora erad.sic. 6X numbness, spasms
Plumbum aceticum 6X paraesthesia, angiospasms
Tabacum 6X dysbasia intermittent
Ruta graveolens 1X disturbed circulation
Melilotus officinalis 1X antithrombotic, congestion

Clauparest 50mL

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