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Arnica Ointment Daily bumps and bruises get soothed and treated with a powerful natural wonder from wild, mountainous areas of Europe. It’s a 100% petroleum-free remedy for life’s occasional pains that moisturizes as it delivers effective relief without synthetic fragrances or preservatives. Also, use it to relieve your muscle and joint pain with this potent ointment. Arnica montana has been used for centuries in herbal medicine to treat inflammation, bruises and sprains. The fast relief of arnica’s anti-inflammatory action spreads effortlessly in a natural base of pure beeswax and other nourishing ingredients moisturize and assist with active absorption into damaged tissues. With a powerful, natural ointment for your sore back, bruises, sprains and minor joint pain, you can take on future bumps in the road pain-free. 

Active Ingredients:  Arnica Montana MT (N) 7.5g.
Inactive Ingredients:  Beeswax, Lanolin, Lanolin Alcohols, Peanut Oil, Water.

Arnica Ointment Weleda 25g

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