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apo-STRUM drops are indicated for treatment of thyroid dysfunction, including hardening or enlargement of the thyroid gland. It contains Hedera helix that provides iodine to the afflicted gland. This remedy also helps treat tachycardia, Graves' disease, toxic adenoma, parenchymous nodular goiter, hyperthyreosis and cardiac conductivity disorder.

The most common condition is hyper-function of the thyroid gland that results from disruption of the sensitive cooperation between hormones and cardiac conductivity. Other factors such as psychological stress can also contribute to thyroid problems. 

Ingredients/ Therapeutic Profiles:

Calcium fluoricum 8X thyroid gland pressure

Conium maculatum 6X hardening thickening of the thyroid

Lophophytum leandri 4X nodular goiter

Hedera helix 3X vegetable iodine

Magnesium carbonicum 8X activates enzymes, regulates immune function

Cytisus scoparius 6X cardiac conductivity disorders

Crataegus oxyacantha 1X circulatory disturbances

Galium aparine 1X tumors, excretion

Calcium fluoricum 8X reduces tightness and pressure, boosts general energy levels, strengthens and improves tone of the connective tissues

Conium maculatum 6X hardening and thickening of the thyroid gland, nervous weakness, tremors, depressed mood.

Lophophytum leandri 4X pressure and tightness in the gland, circulatory disturbances

Hedera helix 3X  vegetable iodine, L-Triodothyronin (T3) and thyroxine (T4), intestinal metabolism, heart function

Magnesium carbonicum 8X  immune system function, metabolism, psychic restlessness, pain

Cytisus scoparius 6X cardiac disorders, tightness and shortness of breath during physical activity

Crataegus oxyacantha 1X coronary insufficiency, cerebral vessel insufficiency, high blood pressure, focal myocarditis, heart muscle damage

Galium aparine 1X toxic growths, liver function, excretion 

apo-STRUM (Tyglan) 50mL

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