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apo-OEDEM drops are effective for treatment of different forms of edemas (or swelling), including cardiac, hepatic, renal, lymphatic and subcutaneous cell tissue. Conditions that can trigger or accompany the development of edemas include inflammation, deposits, disruptions in circulation and circulatory weakness through coronary insufficiency and reduction in kidney function. 

apo-OEDEM drops also help relieve swollen ankles due to water retention, abdominal bloating and venous stasis.

Ingredients/ Therapeutic Profiles: 
Aesculus 1X eliminates circulatory problems
Apocynum 2X strengthens the heart muscle
Convallaria 1X nervous heart conditions
Helleborus 4X promotes body harmony
Thuja 6X stimulates excretion
Sambucus nigra 1X diuretic
Spirea ulmaria 1X strong diuretic
Stigmata maydis 1X powerful diuretic

apo-OEDEM 50mL

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