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As the largest gland in the body, the liver serves as a processing factory of unmatched importance. It plays a key role in eliminating toxins and metabolic waste products from the blood that would otherwise poison the body. The liver also creates cholesterol and bile required for digestion, plays an important role in carbohydrate, fat, and protein metabolism and breaks down old red blood cells.

Hecocur (apo-HEPAT) drops treat and detoxify the liver, gallbladder and pancreas, which work together to promote good digestion. This remedy provides a vital stimulus that aids in the excretion of liver toxins, thereby enabling the tissues to regenerate and resume normal function. It also eliminates liver portal blockages that commonly exist in chronically ill patients.  Detoxification stress in hormonal conditions, allergic or atopic conditions like asthma and eczema, irritability and mood disorders, digestive or nutritive problems are common ailments adressed using apo-HEPAT.

Ingredients/ Therapeutic Profiles: 

Chioanthus virginica 2X dysfermentation of the liver

Iberis amara 6X heart irregularities

Lycopodium clavatum 4X eliminates metabolic waste

Mandragora e rad. sicc. 4X spastic constipation

Phosphorus 10X acute liver dysfunction, ulcers

Boldo 1X gallbladder stimulant

Cynara scolymus 1X dyspepsia, hepatogenic gastritis

Taraxacum 1X cleans renal and liver system

apo-HEPAT 50mL

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