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AILGENO drops specifically stimulate and detoxify the spleen to eliminate focal infections and old deposits of toxins. This unique medication also helps treat anemia, gastritis, diabetes, eczema, herpes, chronic infections, chronic weakness and cachexia. It stimulates the entire metabolism

In addition, when the body cannot excrete properly, it will encapsulate the burdening materials in local depots to protect itself against a massive intoxification. These foci can result in spleen insufficiency, which in turn leads to what appears to be completely different illnesses, such as diabetes. AILGENO drops reactivate and stimulate the spleen, which helps eliminate local foci while making systemic healing of chronic conditions possible.

Ingredients/ Therapeutic Profiles: 

Agaricus muscarius 4X stomach-intestinal irritation

Arsenicum album 6X enlarged spleen, spleen intoxification

Carduus marianus 15X regulates spleen function

Ceanothus americana 4X treats tumors of the spleen

Cinchona officinalis 6X liver and gastrointestinal disease

Glechoma hederacea 6X stimulates the metabolism

Grindelia robusta 6X treats chronic infections

Natrium muriaticum 12X for dry mucous membranes, chronic spleen and liver infections

Ailgeno 50mL

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