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Supports daily detoxification for optimal vitality and health. This formula provides methylated B12 and folate along with bifunctional nutritional support designed to enhance the activities of several liver detoxification enzymes and support Phase I and Phase II detoxification pathways.

Manufactures dose: Take two capsules 1x/day


Artichoke 10:1 leaf extract equivalent                                        83 mg

Vitamin C                                                                                    66 mg

Watercress 4:1 aerial parts extract                                            66 mg

Taurine                                                                                        58 mg

Milk thistle seed extract                                                              50 mg

Pomegranate 25:1 whole fruit extract                                         42 mg

Choline                                                                                        33 mg

N-Acetylcysteine                                                                       33 mg

Green tea leaf extract standardized to 60%                              28 mg

catechins and 40% EGCG

Vitamin E                                                                                    22 mg


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