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Complete Homeopathic 30CH Kit

This kit contains 52 homeopathic multi-dose tubes in a two drawer case, and is a comprehensive kit for home use. The kit contains all remedies covered in Homeopathy I and II plus extra remedies discussed. 

The case includes:


Aconitum napellus 30CH,

Allium cepa 30CH

Antimonium tartaricum 30CH

Apis mellifica 30CH

Argentum nitricum 30CH

Arnica ontana 30CH

Arsenicum album 30CH

Belladonna 30CH

Bryonia alba 30CH

Calcarea carbonicum 30CH

Calendula officinales 30CH

Cantharis 30CH

Carb vegetabilis 30CH

Causticum 30CH

Chamomilla 30CH

Cinchona /China 30CH

Cocculus indicus 30CH

Coffea cruda 30CH

Drosera 30CH

Euphrasia officinalis 30CH

Ferrum phos. 30CH (Ferr. Phos.)

Gelsemium sempivirens 30CH (Gels.)

Hepar sulph 30CH

Hypericum perforatum 30CH

Ignatia 30CH

Influenzinum nosode / Oscillococcinium nosode

Ipecacuanha 30CH

Kalium bichromicum 30CH

Kalium carbonicum 30CH

Lachesis mutus 30CH

Ledum palustre 30CH

Lycopodium clavatum 30CH

Magnesia phos. 30CH

Mercurius solubus 30CH

Natrum muriaticum 30CH

Nux vomica 30CH

Phosphorus 30CH

Phytolacca decandra 30CH

Podophyllum peltatum 30CH

Pulsatilla nig. 30CH

Pryogenium 30CH

Rheum officianale 30CH

Rhus toxicodendron 30CH

Ruta graveolens 30CH

Sepia officinalis 30CH

Silicea 30CH

Spongia tosta 30CH

Staphysagria 30CH, 200CH

Sulfur 30CH

Symphytum off. 30CH

Tabacum 30CH

Urtica urens 30CH

Homeopathic Kit 30CH (52 remedy in drawers)

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